Do you feel like you were wrongfully denied access to Ostbahnhof? We will consider your appeal before 8pm Saturday 09.22, in time for Astrogyny.

SAFTEY : we limit the number of persons allowed to enter Ostbahnhof.

PRINCIPLE : we prioritize Queer People of Color, Trans People, Queer Women, and those who’s being / expression inherently challenges normative gender.

Those who do not consider themselves any of the aforementioned; you are welcome to the space if you are an aware and active ally to socially marginalized people.

For those who do know know if they are an ally, or for white cis people who feel they are being discriminated against, we invite you to give time and space to these perspectives.

Black Pride : Queer People of Color on How to Be A Better Ally

Making Spaces for Black Queer and Trans Women